Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

Owning a business is likely a great idea. It can be rewarding as it allows you to earn more money and be your own boss. But there are rooms for risk too. During political, economical and environmental depressions entrepreneurs get affected as they bring unprecedented changes. Especially a pandemic like Covid-19.

Therefore businesses and companies are investing more in marketing themselves digitally. The only thing that remains constant in every situation is the internet and its usage. Digital marketing reaches your target audience through the internet channels and turns them into purchasing customers. It helps thriving businesses create brand awareness, generate leads and increase conversion rates.

So we have chalked out some of the digital marketing strategies o grow your business in 2021.

Sketching out a proper marketing plan

At the very beginning setting up your business goal is very important. Ask yourself questions like

• If you want to create brand awareness?

• Is making more sales is your concern?

• Do you want customer acquisitions?

Answering these help you make business objectives and achieve your goals. Objectives are specific, realistic and measurable goals that companies adhere to. Business objectives give companies direction to strategies. And once your strategies are ready, you’d be able to recognize the right channel to stream them.


It gives a clear and organized insight into what needs to be done for the growth of a company. It helps you to deeply understand while measuring the performance of the strategies.

Voice search optimisation has gained popularity

More than 42% of the daily users use voice search services and it has grown to 35 million users since 2014.  It had started with smartphones but now we have voice assistant devices worldwide. Google shows us figures that millennial use voice search for purchases and playing songs, whereas adults use it for directions and making calls.

 Question-based SEOs perform the best as voice search queries contain more of “how”, “what” and “why” words. These help search engines find your page when somebody searches for something in your niche.


Voice search is simple, easy and fast. It saves peoples time deterring them from making any mistake which typing topics. It is apt for mobile devices which are likely why voice SEO can help your business get indexed by search engines.

Advantages of Video Advertising

72% of the users continue to engage once they have watched 6 seconds of any video. Video Ads keep the audience more interested by delivering them brand stories. You can deliver your message to the audience by running videos advertisement like YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.


 A large number of people stream videos online every day. If you create a video that they enjoy watching, it’s likely to bring more sales and conversions. People also share videos that they find informative, engaging, and funny. This means there’s also a chance to get more viewers or leads.

Interactive infographics and more

With the attention span of people falling down to eight seconds, which is even below that of a goldfish, content marketing is facing. Likes and views have become lacklustre and content marketers are now looking for ways to make the audience actively interact with rather than just consuming it. As 80% of online user watch videos than reading a written content creating interactive content is the best way to get loyal customers


Interactive content will make it less of a battle for you to grab the attention of your audience. Good content can even cut down your content budget giving you high ROI. Such content also brings out valuable data from the people who visit your infographics, eBooks, participate in your polls or customized quizzes, etc.

Investing in responsive display ads

Ads in digital marketing are paid advertisement that brings an audience who are interested in your services or products to you. Rather than traditional ways of advertising digital ads are more effective in bringing high ROI as the target process is more accurate. One of the best advertisement programs is Google Ads because it has a user base of around 4.39 billion. Whenever a query arrives people like to “Google it”.


Google Ads can boost your reach massively in a cost-effective way. Online ads also allow you to share valuable information and videos of your services and products with the customers proving brand loyalty. You can also measure results and implement sales driven optimization


The strategies of digital marketing are as many as you can name it. And day by day it’s becoming wide like content marketing and social media marketing are comparatively new expansions. As a consequence marketing strategies keep on changing too. A strategy that used to work two years back will not work now. New tools and social media platforms are being invented and the existing and the existing ones are evolving. To be successful you have been very consistent with your efforts. Continuous market research, observing customer behaviour is very important.

For more in-depth information on how to grow your business contact Phinzu Studio.

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